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August 15, 2014


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Your Aquarium made Simple. Fishbit is an internet-connected system for aquariums comprised of a water monitor, device controller and phone app.


About Fishbit

Fishbit saves you time and money caring for your tank. With Fishbit, you can easily monitor your tank's pH, salinity, temperature, and water level while controlling your lighting, pumps and other equipment; all from your phone, anywhere in the world.

Our Story

On February 24, 2016, Fishbit launched on Kickstarter. Fishbit has sold $40,000 and met more than 50% of it's goal! Fishbit was born at Chicago Startup Weekend and founded by Nathan Levine and Brac Webb. Fishbit has grown to a 9 person enterprise having raised over $500k from a range of investors including 500 Startups and indie.vc. In 2015, Fishbit moved from Chicago to San Francisco to partner with Highway1, PCH International's hardware accelerator.

Fishbit Monitor

The Fishbit Monitor continuously checks your tank’s important water parameters. It comes in several flavors: pH + temperature, pH + temperature + salinity, and pH + temperature + salinity + water level. So you can spend more time enjoying your tank and less time testing your water. Pricing available on Kickstarter.

Fishbit Controller

The Fishbit Controller makes sure that the equipment around your tank is operating optimally 24/7. You can easily control and program your heaters, pumps, and even your dimmable LEDs! It comes in two flavors: 8 on/off AC outlets or 8 on/off AC outlets + 8 dimming channels + current sensing. Pricing available on Kickstarter.

Fishbit App

The Fishbit App is the interface for everything: you can see how your tank is doing in real-time, get alerts, turn equipment on or off, and much, much more. Available for free on iOS and Android phones.



Our Kickstarter Pitch YouTube


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Awards & Recognition

  • "Startup Weekend -- Winner" - Chicago, 2014
  • "TechCrunch Disrupt -- Finalist" - Las Vegas, 2015
  • "Highway1 -- Participant" - San Francisco, 2015
  • "HardwareCon -- Winner" - San Francisco, 2015
  • "indie.vc -- Participant" - San Francisco, 2015

Selected Articles

  • "Fishbit is one of the true great success stories of grassroots development in the aquarium hobby, with their ingenious dual monitor and controller shaking up the status quo of what an aquarium controller system can be."
    - Jake Adams, Reef Builders
  • "I love that I can now check my vital water parameters whenever and wherever I happen to be. It’s quite freeing!"
    - Jeff Kurtz, Saltwater Smarts
  • "Depending on the types of fish, coral, and invertebrates you’re tending to, there’s a lot of stuff to worry about: pH levels, salinity, ORP, temperature, and a myriad of other tank conditions. Keeping track of it all can be a dizzying experience, but there’s a new gizmo that just surfaced on Kickstarter that aims to make the process easier than ever before."
    - Drew Prindle, Digital Trends
  • "FishBit Aquarium Monitor Floats So Your Fish Won't."
    - n/a, NBC News
  • "Nathan’s end goal is to see the number of aquarium controllers in use rise dramatically, and create a product that can help make anyone with the dream of a reef tank, capable of achieving it."
    - Jeremy Gosnell, Reefs.com
  • "If you’re any kind of aquarist or aquarium lover, amateur or otherwise, you’ve encountered that heart-sinking feeling that comes along with running into dead fish upon returning to your tank. It’s far too frequent an occurrence, and one that the founding team at Fishbit believes is entirely preventable in most cases, thanks to tech advances that make remotely monitoring and controlling aquarium health surprisingly easy."
    - Darrell Etherington, TechCrunch



Team & Repeating Collaborator

Nathan Levine
Co-founder and CEO

Brac Webb
Co-founder and CTO

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